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Voices of the Pearl Volume 4 (2024)

Conference of the Birds

Composed by Fahad Siadat, to a translation of Attar's classic allegorical poem by Sholeh Wolpé, this hourlong acappella oratorio transmits the beauty and challenges of the journey towards spiritual enlightenment in the Sufi tradition. Awarded by the National Endowment for the Arts.

(Released in March 2024)

Featured Artists: 

Resonance Collective, conducted by Fahad Siadat.

The Conference of Birds CD Baby.png

Voices of the Pearl Volume 3 (2020)

Featured Artists: 

Anne Harley & Stacey Fraser, sopranos; James Hayden, bass-baritone; Barbara Poeschl-Edrich, harp; Karola Obermüller, electronics; Steve Thachuk, electric guitar; Nick Terry, percussion; Brian Walsh, clarinets; Susan Ung, viola; David Rentz, conductor; and members of brightwork music, directed by Aron Kallay. 

Featuring two NEA commissions:

PERSEVERE (2017) by Karola Obermüller, and Therīgāthā Inside Aura (2018) by Chinary Ung, as well as the world premiere recordings My Spirit is Chanting (2011) by Yii Kah Hoe (Malaysia) and You Moving Stars (2017) by Emilie Cecilia LeBel (Canada). Special guests soprano Stacey Fraser and brightwork music featured in their 2017 recording of Still Life After Death (1995) by Chinary Ung. (Released July 2020) 


Voices of the Pearl Volume 2 (2018)

Featured Artists: 

Anne Harley & Stacey Fraser sopranos, and light percussion; Miranda Shulman and David Felberg, violin, Shanti Randall, viola, James Holland, cello, Barbara Poeschl-Edrich and Johanna Wienholtz, harp, Linda Chesis, flute, Bill Alves, live electronics, Paul R. Bishop, keyboard, Charles W. Kamm and Gus Gil, choral preparation, and David Rentz, conductor.

Featuring the world premiere recordings of:  

Fromm commission Seven Prophetesses (2017) by Moshe Shulman, Snowflakes, Blossoms: Friends of the Way (2015) by Marjorie Merryman, Forest Threnody (2015) by Yii Kah Hoe (Malaysia), and Sounds Ineffable (2015) by Bill Alves.  (Released 2018)


Voices of the Pearl Volume 1 (2014)

Featured Artists: 

Anne Harley & Jane E. Sheldon, sopranos and light percussion; Jodi Goble, piano; Rachel Huang, violin & light percussion; Gayle Blankenburg, light percussion.

Featuring world premiere recordings: 

Song of Songs (2013) by Moshe Shulman, The Secret Book of Sun Bu’er (2013) by Yii Kah Hoe (Malaysia), and Divan-I Hayati (2014) by Kati Agocs (Canada). (Released 2014)


Voices of the Pearl Volume 3 Trailer

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